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Distance Learning

If you wish to return your child to Face to Face Learning at the end of a grading period, please complete the form below and email it to Ms. Scifers or bring to the front office.  Your child should not return until you have received confirmation from Ms. Scifers. 
Student Expectations
• Adhere to the code of conduct of your school and behave with integrity and honesty while participating in a distance learning class.
• Read and acknowledge the district Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) regarding technology and the internet.
• Participate in each distance learning course daily to maintain pace.
• Attend all distance learning instructional periods (face to face) as scheduled with the instructor.
• Complete and submit coursework on time.
• Communicate with your distance learning instructor in a respectful manner.
• Seek help from the distance learning instructor or course provider as needed.
• Follow daily check-in procedures with your instructor to be counted as present on attendance roll.

Parent Expectations
Parent, because you have formally offered your support of this distance learning experience, we would like your support by doing the following:
• Ensure that your student has the necessary tools to participate in distance learning instruction.
• Provide your student with a safe and appropriate place to work while at home.
• Ensure that your student has sufficient time in his/her schedule to work each day on class assignments.
• Become familiar with the means by which you can receive progress reports and never be afraid to ask your student to show you his/her course work and progress.
• Encourage your student to seek help when stuck or frustrated.
• Ensure that all tests and work is done by your student without the aid of others.
• Be aware of all assignment deadlines.
• Communicate academic concerns with distance learning instructors as needed.

System Expectations
Students and parents can expect the following from BCSS and its employees:
• The school will consult with students and parents to support in making an informed decision about choosing to enroll distance learning.
• The instructor will grade completed assignments and assessments to provide a course grade.
• If the student has an active SST, the district will develop a distance learning plan to specify how interventions will be provided in the distance learning format.
• If the student has an active 504 Plan, the district will help determine if the accommodations and support can be delivered virtually or would have to be modified.
• If the student has an active IEP, the district will develop a distance learning plan to specify how services and supports will be provided in the distance learning format.
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