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WHS Winter Testing Schedule and Information

Important Distance Learning EOC information for Tuesday, 12/15


On Tuesday, 12/15,  we will continue state-mandated EOC testing.  American Literature students, which most take as an 11th grader, will take parts 2 and 3 of the test.  Also, students enrolled in semester-long Algebra I (Mr. Bond’s third block, Mr. Kingsmill’s third block, or Mr. Hibbard’s first or second block) will also be testing tomorrow.  

Students should arrive no later than 8:20 and report directly to the freshmen academy.  We estimate that testing will be over around 11:30 s parents should make plans to pick up students then.    

Please remember students will not receive credit for American Lit or Algebra I until they take the EOC.

Students enrolled in US History or Biology (Ms. Hunt’s second block) will test on Wednesday. 

Dear Parents of WHS Distance Learners,
If your child is taking American Literature, Algebra 1, US History, or Biology this semester, then he/she has a state-required EOC test that they must take in order to receive credit for the course.

We are administering these tests at WHS this week.

Please note, Distance Learners will NOT be testing with In-Person students, only with other distance learners, and in testing rooms of no more than 15 people total, including the proctor.

Please take note of which days your child will test:

American Literature: Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th
Algebra 1: Tuesday the 15th--NOTE: this is only for students taking single-semester Algebra 1.
                 Year-Long students (also taking Foundations of Algebra will test in the spring.
US History: Wednesday the 16th
Biology: Wednesday the 16th

Students must arrive at 8:20 and report directly to the Freshman Academy building and check in with Ms. Wilder or Ms. Queen.
Students should ONLY come on the day of their test.

Parents should plan to pick their child up after testing. Plan for 11:00 AM. Parents (or other adult on approved check-out list) should come to front office to check out their student.

Thank you for your support in this process. We are convinced that our students are prepared and ready do very well.
If you have any questions about the distance learning testing process, please contact Ms. Wilder or Ms. Queen at Wilder@bartow.k12.ga.us and Queen@bartow.k12.ga.us.
State-mandated testing will take place at WHS between December 7th and December 18th in the following four subjects:
  • Biology
  • Algebra 1
  • US History
  • American Literature
Students will not receive credit for the above courses until they have attempted the EOC.
See the testing schedule on this page to see when your child is testing.
Your child will be made aware of his/her testing locations and times.  It is important to show up on time and ready to test, as these assessments demonstrate what the child has learned this semester. 
Face to Face Learners will test the week of 12/7 to 12/11.  
Distance Learners will test the following week and will ONLY test with other distance learners.  Respecting the wishes of our DL families, Distance Learners may be picked up at the school when they complete their testing in the morning.  Further details for our Distance Learners will be posted here.